Chapel Amenities

Caring Staff

Our funeral homes provide adequate staff to greet guests and facilitate gatherings and services. 

Food and Beverage Service

Our funeral homes provide coffee and beverage service during visitations and gatherings.  These would include coffee, soft drinks, ice water and cookies.  Families are welcome to supplement our offerings, or use one of our catering services to provide other options.




Children’s Area

A number of our chapels are equipped with a children’s area for families to use.  There are some toys, crayons, paper, televisions and children’s videos.  We also offer “How I Feel”, a coloring book for grieving children by Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.


Reception Areas

Some of our chapels have designated areas for receptions or gatherings.  These spaces work well for light fare following a service, catered events, or simple coffee and cookie receptions.




Audio & Video Systems

Many of our chapels are equipped with audio and video systems that can play content provided by the family. Some families have created slide shows on their laptops, posted a video to YouTube, or have a playlist created on a phone or other device. We may be able to share these as part of a service or visitation in our facilities.


Many people are familiar with Skype, it is a way to keep in touch with family that don’t live near by. Many of our chapels can use Skype technology to connect with a family member that is unable to attend a service or visitation.

Audio Recording of Services

Our chapels are equipped to record the audio for services held in our funeral homes. The family is provided with a CD of the service.

Video Recording

A number of our chapels are equipped to video record the service. This video feed may be Skyped at the time of the service. The video recording may also be placed on the obituary page of our website after the service. A DVD of the service may be provided.

Closed Circuit Television

Our chapels are large and spacious, but when we have crowds that exceed our seating capacity, many of our facilities have the ability to show the service in other areas of the building. This helps reduce standing room only situations, and provides seats to those who need them.