Graphic Design, Video and Display

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, and at Iles Funeral Homes we believe it.  Nothing evokes memories quite like moments in time captured in a photograph or by mementos.  Let us help you share your memories with printed material, displays and video tributes. Your efforts will be rewarded by stories and remembrances of others who come together to celebrate the life that was lived. 

Memorial Folders and Printed Material

Our graphic design department creates unique printed material for each service.  The design may include multiple photographs, artwork, poetry, spiritual verses, and obituaries in addition to biographical and service information. 

Printed Materials Des Moines IA Funeral Home And Cremations
Laminated Obituary West Des Moines IA Funeral Home And Cremations

Customized Acknowledgement Cards

Our graphic design department creates "thank you" notes for each service.   These cards may contain a simple sentiment, or something more ornate.  We strive to reflect the personality of each family.  Because we create these cards in house, you can always order more if you need them.

Thank You Card Urbandale IA Funeral Home And Cremations

Customized Register Books

Our graphic design department creates a unique register book for each service.  The book includes a photograph and biographical history in addition to service information.  The book may also include a pictorial floral register, and the names and addresses of those who attended the visitation and/or service.

Register Book West Des Moines IA Funeral Home And Cremations

Photo Editing and Enlargement

Our graphic design department can assist with photo editing for photographs you would like to use in conjunction with the service.  We can clean up the background for an obituary photo, or highlight someone in a group photograph.  We are able to enlarge photographs to be more visible during a visitation or service.  

Website Graphic Design Urbandale IA Funeral Home And Cremations

Video Tributes

Our video department will produce a customized tribute containing up to 60 photographs with a personalized sound track. The video can be played during visitations and/or services. The video will be placed on the obituary section of our website, and the family receives a DVD of the production. Additional copies are available. Click here for instructions on gathering photos and music for video tributes.

Video Tribute West Des Moines IA Funeral Home And Cremations

Memory Boards

We provide foam backed memory boards for your family to create a collage of photographs. You can be as creative as you would like. Attendees of visitations and services always enjoy looking at the pictures, and reminiscing.


Memory Tables

Families are welcome to bring framed photographs and mementos of someone’s life. We have tables, tablecloths, easels and stands to allow for easy display of these special items.

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Audio & Video Systems

Many of our chapels are equipped with audio and video systems that can play content provided by the family. Some families have created slide shows on their laptops, posted a video to YouTube, or have a playlist created on a phone or other device. We may be able to share these as part of a service or visitation in our facilities.


Many people are familiar with Skype, it is a way to keep in touch with family that don’t live near by. Many of our chapels can use Skype technology to connect with a family member that is unable to attend a service or visitation.

Audio Recording of Services

Our chapels are equipped to record the audio for services held in our funeral homes. The family is provided with a CD of the service.

Video Recording

A number of our chapels are equipped to video record the service. This video feed may be Skyped at the time of the service. The video recording may also be placed on the obituary page of our website after the service. A DVD of the service may be provided.

Closed Circuit Television

Our chapels are large and spacious, but when we have crowds that exceed our seating capacity, many of our facilities have the ability to show the service in other areas of the building. This helps reduce standing room only situations, and provides seats to those who need them.