Steps to Follow: Funeral Home and Cremations in Urbandale, IA

For families in Urbandale, IA, Iles Funeral Home provides burial, memorial, and complete cremation services for over 60 years. For you to realize that your loved one's unique life has been lived, our personnel and service improvement options are all available. We provide services and features that enable comforting family members to celebrate in their own unique way with friends from near and far. We have two teams of licensed funeral directors with over 20 years of experience to ensure you are well taken care of. You are free to contact us at any time of day or week for immediate assistance.

Even though you have a long list of decisions to address for funeral planning, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The best way to navigate funeral home and cremations in Urbandale, IA, is by taking things one step at a time. When you work through different details of the event, it’s easier to finalize the plans and have confidence knowing that you are honoring the memory of your loved one.

Our experienced funeral planning team has years of knowledge in the industry. We know the best ways to support families in their times of need. Whether you require immediate support or you are preparing for the future, reach out to us at your convenience. We’re here to guide you through the specific steps you should follow for funeral planning.


Step #1: Find a Funeral Home and Cremations in Urbandale, IA


The first step is to find a local provider who can assist with your plans for funeral services. While you can find information about funeral and cremation services  online, nothing matches the quality of support you receive by talking to a local provider.

Our team is on call, giving you full access to support staff in your time of need. As you are comparing the various funeral homes in the area, it’s easy to see why we stand out as a leading provider. Our funeral home prioritizes personalized services for families. You can work with a local business instead of trying to coordinate funeral services with a large corporation.


Step #2: Compare Funeral Packages

Now that you know the funeral provider you will be working with, it’s time to take a closer look at available services. The simplest solution is to pick a funeral package that matches your preferences and needs. These funeral packages include all of the popular services.

But you aren’t limited to the services in the funeral package that you choose. We encourage families to customize the event. Our staff is happy to assist with any type of personalization you desire. In addition, we honor your traditions and cultural influences that will make it a quality event.


Step #3: Choose a Method for Disposition

One of the most significant decisions you will be facing is how to lay your loved one to rest. You can choose between a traditional funeral home and cremations in Urbandale, IA. Traditionally, a funeral occurs, followed by a graveside service where the person is placed in a cemetery plot. This traditional method is still popular among many families.

But some people are looking for modern funeral planning. One possibility is to schedule cremation, followed by any type of event of your choice. Cremation is a great solution if you don’t want to have your options limited to cemeteries. The ashes can be stored in an urn, anywhere you desire. Or you might choose to scatter these ashes at an outdoor location.


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Step #4: Plan an Event for Family and Friends

While the disposition of the body is about the loved one, the funeral or memorial event is designed to support family and friends. Grief experts have found that holding a formal event in honor of the deceased is a way for people to find closure.

You can choose the location and size of the event. These gatherings vary depending on the preferences of each family. Common event styles include:

  • Funeral Services: Traditionally, a viewing starts the event activities. Then the family and friends meet in a formal setting for funeral services, such as a chapel or church. After the program, a procession occurs to take everyone to a nearby cemetery where a graveside service occurs. Funeral services are usually paired with cemetery burial.
  • Memorial Services: The planning process is the same for a memorial or a funeral. The main difference is that a memorial happens after a person is buried or cremated. Memorial services can be as big or small as you would like, but the casket is not present at the event.
  • Celebration of Life: Another option is to hold a celebratory gathering. Often, life celebrations are filled with music, food, and fun. The goal is to make it an enjoyable, memorable occasion to honor the person’s unique traits and life experiences.
  • Intimate Gathering: Maybe you don’t want the stress of holding a big event. There’s no obligation to host a large group of friends and family. Instead, you might stick with direct cremation and have an intimate meeting in the comfort of your home or backyard.

One of the benefits of working with our funeral planning staff is that we hold the highest levels of respect for your preferences. As a result, we never pressure families into specific funeral packages. Instead, we take the time to understand your needs and offer recommendations for these services. Contact us any time to discuss your options for funeral home and cremations in Urbandale, IA.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is the difference between direct cremation and cremation?
Traditional cremation takes weeks before the body is ready to be incinerated. This allows for time to organize a funeral, gather family members and friends, pay respects at the wake or service in advance of death's inevitable arrival. With direct cremation however you can skip all these steps because your loved one will not have an opportunity for memorialization after they pass away as their entire remains will go straight from hospital beds into fires.


How is a corpse prepared for a cremation?

First, the body must be drained of all fluids and then dried out to prevent any unpleasant odor during incineration. The next step in preparation should only come after consulting with family members about what they want to be done with their loved one's remains. Learn more about the cremation process.


Why should I arrange my funeral ahead of time?

How to properly organize your funeral is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. Because funerals are so costly and inconvenient for loved ones, they should be organized in advance by a person's estate executor or a family member who has been chosen as their power of attorney. Planning one's own funeral can give peace of mind in knowing that everything will be taken care of when it matters most.