Helpful Forms

Authorization for Cremation Form
Authorization for Donation Form
Authorization To Embalm Form
FTC Disclosure Form
Living Will Form
Declaration of Designee For Final Disposition Form
Power of Attorney for Health Care Form
Iowa Death Certificate Worksheet
Disinterment Permit Application Form
Employment Application Form
Spiritual Verses and Prayers


Helpful Documents

Music Library

Music can be an important part of any service or gathering.  Our music library has thousands of songs to choose from.  Some families just select a song or two to play during a service, others will choose hours of music to play as background music during a visitation.

Poetry, Verses and Prayers

Poetry, spiritual verses, religious texts and prayers can be a meaningful part of a service or gathering. We often incorporate a verse or two in the custom designed printed material we produce. Other readings may be shared at the time of service or gathering by the celebrant or other participants. You are welcome to choose something from our library, use another source, or create your own verse.