Marjorie  Helm
Marjorie Helm

August 28, 1934 - January 4, 2021
Born in Des Moines, Iowa
Resided in Pleasant Hill, Iowa
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Majorie Mae was born to George and Marie Dressic on August 28, 1934. She was one of 12 children. She met and married the love of her life Richard “Hambone” Helm. They put down roots in Northeast Des Moines- on their own slice of heaven on 38th beside four mile creek and had 5 children; Bobbie Sue Frueh (Robert,) Rick Shell Helm (Lori,) David Alan Helm (Shelly,) Kevin Joseph Helm (Jan,) and Cathy Ann Flaherty.
Margie loved her big family which also included 11 grandchildren: Jami Schneller, Amber Nicholson (Jason,) Dean Helm (Jessica,) Kaeli Baker (Matt,) Brett Pauscher (Michelle,) Ashley Walker (Anthony,) Amie Dennis (David,) Johnathon Helm, Austin Helm, Devin Helm, and Brianna Flaherty. 21 great grandchildren: LeeAnna, Savannah, Christian, Kobe, Chloe, Logan, Colton, Hunter, Katelyn, Grace, Leah, Zoey, Ian, Addison, Carter, Mason, Matthew, Lucas, Dylan, Derek, and Brooklyn, And 5 great-great grandchildren: Jace, Kira, Elina, Freya, and Adeline.

Her home was open to anyone in need. And her porch light was always on. She was always ready to take care of whoever was in need. Margie was the driving force of her family and the grease that kept it moving. Family get-togethers were big and grand and if you found yourself alone on a holiday- Margie became your grandma and there was a plate with your name on it. Her huge living room was the central hub. The never ending sectional and recliners in every corner. It was literally standing room only by the end of the day. When you sat in the room you could count on seeing 2 of the biggest and most beautiful flocked Christmas trees, and stockings hung the length of the room. On Thanksgiving her stove held a special order turkey (because they never had one big enough for our family) and you knew there would be a Des Moines Register laying on the couch. We would sit together and go through the ads and circle everything we wish we could get. A tradition I made sure to carry on with my own kids. While it would feel like a Christmas wonderland in the living room, we all know the real magic happened in the kitchen. You walked through the kitchen door and you would see Margie with a hand towel over her shoulder, a tub of butter on the counter, and her son in law, Bob busy washing dishes to keep up with all the goodies she was baking. If you got there early enough you would see her laying out her handmade noodles to dry- just once I was lucky enough to be there while she was making them and she showed me her secret and we made them together. On other occasions you would pray she was making her award worthy spaghetti. BUT, If love had a smell- it would’ve been her special recipe carrot bread baking in the oven. We all know if you left her house hungry- it was your own fault!
The younger grandkids would say a trip to “Grandma with the squirrels'' was synonymous with ‘a fridge full of sunny D, mini pancakes, little bottles of water, and A&W root beer.’
Margie’s kids and the older grandkids would tell you it was walking in the back porch and seeing towers of 8 pack, 16 oz glass bottles of Pepsi and Mt Dew, Margie in her silky PJ’s walking to bed with an iced mug of Mt Dew, and you fell asleep to the hum of the police scanner.

She loved all animals- except cats. Boy, did she hate cats! A Stranger would probably wonder why she always bought so much bread. But, as soon as she walked in the door she would tear up 2 loaves of bread and toss into the backyard. Her bird feeders were always full- and corn cobs were out. One look at a squirrel and bird you knew if they were Margie’s. She had 2 dogs that stole her heart and she took care of- Orphan Annie and Murphy; and there was always bologna in her fridge… But, it wasn’t for you- it was for her dogs!
Margie had rules that she didn’t sway on. No exceptions. There was absolutely no jumping on her bed. No wrestling- especially by the fireplace. And never- EVER, with no exception were you allowed to go off the deck without shoes. She made it her mission to keep the people she loved safe. When someone got sick or had to stay in the hospital she had a rule- no one stayed alone. Even when the doctors would tell her to go home she ignored them and would go and sleep in the waiting room. She refused to leave until she was able to hold your hand and see that you were safe. And that is who Margie was. She loved on a level that is incomprehensible in the world today. Whether you needed a couch to sleep on for a night or a roof over your head- and somewhere to live... Her goal in life was to give each of us a better life- and in that she succeeded.

Things that make you think- ‘That’s Margie!’
New comforters and silky blankets, purses and lost glasses, yard work and new flowers, leaves burning in the fall, NASCAR races and Jeff Gordon and The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Country music and a karaoke machine. Two dollar bills laying on her dresser (which meant she was ready for back rub) And her favorite catch phrase, ‘Son of a bitch!’

When I would go visit her while she lived at Parkridge I would search for glimpses of the Margie I knew my entire life, and she was never far... One day we were talking and I said something that must’ve triggered a memory... And with no hesitation, in the middle of the care center with utter joy she yelled, “Ole Ole asshole!” Heads turned in every which way and my kids burst out in laughter. And I smiled- that was the Grandma I knew and loved.

We cry for the time we have lost but rejoice that she is in heaven with Jesus and reunited with Grandpa and Cathy. And today we celebrate the women, mother, Grandma, and friend she was to everyone she met.
I love you Grandma.

Marjorie's family will meet at Grandview Park Chapel on Tuesday morning, January 12, 2021 for a private sharing time. A graveside service will take place at Berwick Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.






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