Cremation Services

Overview of Cremation

The number of people choosing cremation has increased significantly in the past few years, yet cremation carries a long tradition and remains largely unchanged.

Cremation simply expedites the process of reducing a body to bone fragments through application of intense heat.

What is done before or after the cremation is up to the survivors, or up to you. You can relieve the burden of these decisions by pre-planning your arrangements in advance of need so that your wishes will be honored.

Contrary to what some people believe, Cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options. It is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and can be memorialized in many ways.

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Complete Cremation Service

The Complete Cremation Service allows for a visitation and service with the deceased present in a casket or cremation container.  The cremation process would follow the service. This can be accommodated by the use of a cremation casket (casket that is designed to be cremated) or a Ceremonial (rental) casket may be used. Following the viewing, service or ceremony, and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safe keeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains and are constructed out of a variety of materials.

Cremation - Memorial Services and Gatherings

The memorial service is a gathering where the body is not present. Some families will choose to have cremation take place after visitation and have a memorial service to follow. This may allow for final disposition of the cremated remains on the same day.

Others may choose to not have the body present during the time of visitation, but would prefer a memorial gathering. This still allows for a private family viewing of the deceased prior to the cremation. We recommend that if you select an immediate cremation that you are allowed a time, if possible, to privately view the body as a family. If there is to be a long delay, embalming may be required. Viewing of the deceased is a very important step in acknowledging that the death has occurred. Having some type of service or ceremony is also a key ingredient to a healthy recovery of a loss due to a death. 

Most often cremated remains are present during the service or gathering in an urn. Urns come in many styles and reflect varied artistic forms. With so many to choose from, families can find something reflective of their lifestyle, faith or beliefs. 

As with contemporary funerals, framed photographs, picture boards, video tributes, memorabilia, awards and personal effects are often displayed as part of the memorial service and/or gathering. The funeral director will coordinate the display of these items, as well as the choice of music, the seating of people and any other aspects of the service.

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At Iles Funeral Homes, we encourage families to Celebrate Life The Way It Was Lived. Our staff, facilities and service enhancement options are all available to help you acknowledge that life has been lived and to offer to the community a way in which to celebrate that life. By offering services and features that are personal and special, a unique life can be remembered and honored in an individualized way that is comforting to the family and friends.