Service Enhancements For Cremation

At Iles Funeral Homes we help families create personalized and meaningful services.  Each service is different, because each life lived is unique.  We know that some decisions are hard, and too many choices may be overwhelming, so our staff offers guidance in addition to available options.  Together we create memorable services that are meaningful. Here are just a few options to consider:


Unique Burial Vaults or Memory Capsules 

Some of our urn burial vaults allow for custom photographs or canvas for writing.  In addition to the urn there is room for photos or mementos to be sealed in the capsule.  

Custom Urn Urbandale IA Funeral Home And Cremations


Memorial Portrait

These portrait style prints are created on canvas and framed.  They take an ordinary photo and produce a treasured family heirloom that can be an important part of a service or gathering. 

Keith Merrick Canvas Print.jpg


Memorial Blanket

These blankets weave an image into the blanket (not printed on the fiber).  The 4.5’ x 6’ have a significant impact as a focal point of the service or gathering.  They are also a source of comfort for family’s long after the service is over. 



Dove Release

For many Doves symbolize offerings of hope, love, peace and family.  A ceremonial dove release can proved a spiritual and peaceful memory of the celebration of someone’s life. 



Butterfly Release

Butterflies symbolize transition in many ways.  Releasing butterflies in conjunction with a service or gathering can be a very moving experience. 

Butterfly Release


Balloon Release

Balloons are part of many celebrations.  They can be colorful, shaped, or themed.  They always produce a smile, and releasing them can be powerful.



Our staff can assist with floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation. 

Flower Des Moines IA Funeral Home And Cremations



A piper leading a procession at a church, cemetery or other location has a powerful impact on those in attendance.


Memorial Wrist Bracelets

We see many people wearing colorful bands for a variety of causes.  Create your own to preserve and share memories of a loved one. 



Harley Hearse

A special hearse for motorcycle enthusiasts for that final journey. This may be used to transfer the cremation casket back to our crematory, or taking the urn to the cemetery.

Iles Harley Hearse Picture 02.png


Candlelight Vigil

A candlelight vigil is a symbolic way to show how one person has touched so many.  Passing the flame to each person in attendance has a powerful impact.  



Food and Beverages

Sharing someone’s favorite food and beverage is a wonderful way to evoke memories and create a meaningful gathering.


Military Honors

Recognizing someone’s service to his or her country can be a meaningful part of any service.  The playing of taps and presentation of the American Flag is an honor that is powerful to witness.




There are a variety of items that may not be available at the time of the service, but are kept as treasured mementos.  These include Thumbie jewelry, dried floral arrangements, capture beads from floral arrangements and copies or duplicates of many items created for services.



Unique Ways to Memorialize with Cremated Remains

Small portions of cremated remains may be placed in jewelry, kept in small urns, transformed into glass art work, placed in a living reef, used in shotgun shells or fireworks; the possibilities are endless. 


Cemetery Monuments and Memorials

Permanent memorials stand the test of time. They are a solid and visible tribute to a life that has been lived. Permanent Memorials individualize and designate a physical place where loved ones can come to pay their respects.