Value of Ceremony

A funeral or memorial service is one way to help those who are left behind take the first step in overcoming grief—that is, facing the fact that a death has occurred. Losing a loved one is truly difficult. Whether their passing was sudden, or due to a lingering illness, there are strong emotions to be processed. Grieving takes time, and must be honored.

There are many reasons that we come together as a community.  We celebrate many special occasions: birthdays, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.  Why should we not come together in our greatest time of need? 

Funerals and Memorial services provide a remarkable opportunity to receive the gift of memories that others have shared with the person who has died. Many families are pleasantly surprised to hear stories about their loved one that they had never heard before. Being surrounded by family and friends and learning how their lives were touched can bring great comfort.

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 There are many ceremonial ways to honor your loved one.  Your service can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire.

That's where we come in - our expertise and our suggestions can help you create a memorable experience by getting to know your loved ones life story. We will help you design the service of your choice. This can include the location, order of the service, clergy or a celebrant, obituaries, musicians, poems and or prayers, butterfly or dove release or a veteran honor guard. The possibilities are endless.

We're here to help you come to the decisions that will meet your needs now, and in the future. These decisions can have an impact on your family and friends for a long time, so doing the right thing now can make all the difference in your peace-of-mind through the coming years.


You Can Never Go Back and Do it Over

We’ve seen it time and again. When a loved one dies, the first reaction for many people is to want to move through things as quickly as possible, to avoid any additional pain or discomfort. Often, they believe that not having a funeral will shelter themselves and their family from more pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. A funeral or memorial service acts as a catalyst for the grieving process, and without it, family members can feel stuck in the early stages grief.

We want to help you honor your loved one in a way that allows you to look back, years from now, and remember how family and friends gathered honor their life. Creating a ceremony that brings together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is a gift to everyone.  A gift of memories, a gift of healing...a truly priceless gift of peace of mind.